The Property of the Association is created by:

  • initial and annual membership fees;

  • earmarked fees to cover the execution of works and programs, approved by the Association Council;

  • charitable and voluntary contributions and gifts;

  • funds, received from the completion of contracts, concluded in accordance with the Charter goals;

  • income received from the property of the Association;

  • other sources, which do not contravene Russian Federation legislation.

Initiation and annual fees are used to maintain the executive agency and its staff within the limits of the approved budget, and provide for the activity of the Association as dictated by this Charter.

Earmarked fees are designated for financing specific events and programs. The schedule, format and volume of earmarked fee contributions are established by the Association Council.

The Association uses property transferred by members of the Association and other property for the organization and execution of activity under the Charter in the form and with that legal status, stipulated by law.

The Association possesses the right of ownership of monetary funds, property and other objects of property, transferred by legal entities in the form of fees, contributions, gifts, or in other forms.

The Association has the right to attract, in the manner stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation, additional financial resources, including currency resources, from voluntary contributions and earmarked fees from legal entities and private persons.

The Association may have ownership of buildings, installations, equipment, inventory, and monetary funds in rubles or in foreign currency, as well as securities or other property, the value of which is reflected in the separate balance of the Association.

The income of the Association is spent only on the achievement of goals determined in this Charter, and may not be distributed between the members of the Association or other parties.