Download the application form and questionnaire

Application form


Fill in the Application form and Questionnaire signed by the Head of the Organization and send the scanned copy to the Association with the “Company credentials”, mentioning the contact information and banking details to

In case of the stamp existing, please stamp the Application form and Questionnaire.

Send scanned copies of the following documents to

  • Charter of the organization;
  • Copy of the Federal Tax ID number Certificate (Personal Tax Reference Number);
  • Copy of the Principle State Registration Number Certificate;
  • Financial documents confirming the turnover of products / services — (Balance Form 2) relating to PPE for the previous year. If the organization issues not only PPE, then it is necessary to provide a letter showing the amount of PPE in the total turnover of the company;
  • Official letter — The decision of the organization to join ASIZ signed by the Head or a copy of the Minutes with the decision to join;
  • Transcript of the Uniform State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs/ Unified National Register of Legal Entities relevant at the date of the documents’ providing;

Agree the date and time for the meeting the Association President.

The Head of the entering Organization is to arrive to the Association Council where the Organization will be officially admitted to the Association as a member.