The Association of Personal Protective Equipment Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers (abbreviated name: Association SIZ, hereafter referred to as «the Association») is a self-regulated non-profit organization, created on the basis of the voluntary union of legal entities, to security professional and economical activity, to represent joint interest to state structure and other structure, international organizations, assist its members in achieving the goals dictated by this Charter.

The Association conducts its activities in compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law On Non-Profit Organizations, other legal documents and this Charter.

The full name of the Association in Russian is «Ассоциация разработчиков, изготовителей и поставщиков средств индивидуальной защиты» [transliteration: Assotsiatsiya razrabotchikov, izgotovitelei i postavshchikov sredstv individual’noi zashchity].
The abbreviated name of the Association in the Russian language is «Ассоциация СИЗ» [transliteration: Assotsiatsiya SIZ].

The Association acquires the rights of a legal entity from the moment of state registration. The Association possesses separate property, to acquire property and other rights, to incur obligations, and to be a plaintiff or defendant in court and possesses separate balance, and the right to open accounts, including currency accounts, at banks and other credit organizations. The Association has a circular stamp, a letterhead displaying its name, and other forms of visual identification.

In order to achieve its goals, the Association has the right to conclude contracts in its own name, and other commercial deals in compliance with Russian Federation legislation.

The Association has the right to create daughter organizations, branches and representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and other states, and to be a founder (participant) in other economic agents, including enterprises with foreign investment, to enter into associations and unions, and to form commercial structures.

Branches and representative offices are not legal entities. They are assigned part of the property of the Association, and have separate balances, which constitute part of the consolidated balance of the Association.

Each branch (representative office) acts on the basis of the Statute of that branch (representative office), approved by a General Assembly of the Association members, and in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Within the Association, departments may be created, to handle the most important areas of activity.

The Association will be liable with respect to its obligations, to the extent of all the property it possesses. Property passed to the Association by its members becomes the property of the Association.

The Association bears no responsibility for the obligations of members of the Association. Members of the Association carry subsidiary responsibility with respect to the obligations of the Association, to the extent and in that manner stipulated by the articles of association.