The Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (ASIZ) was established on November 14, 2001 at a conference, held as part of the 5th International Specialized Exhibition «BIOT-2001». On February 11, 2002, a certificate of ASIZ’ state registration was received.

Nowadays, the full name of the organization in Russian is: “Self-regulatory non-profit organization “Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment”. Abbreviated name of the Association in Russian: “Association “SIZ”. The name of the Association in English: «ASIZ».

The idea of the Association establishing is determined by a number of reasons arising from the current conditions of the Russian market for PPE. The main reasons are the following:

  • Necessity to strengthen the interaction of government bodies, organizations for the development, manufacture and supply of PPE, trade unions, regulatory bodies on issues of providing workers with certified PPE;
  • Modern domestic research and production complex for the development and production of PPE, which is a combination of industry institutes, industrial and commercial organizations, requires coordination of the activities of its components;
  • Necessity to improve and develop regulatory and technical documentation for the creation of modern and high-quality PPE;
  • Absence of a non-profit organization that promotes information, legal, organizational, and scientific and technical support for participants of the PPE market;
  • Necessity to represent at the federal level the common interests of organizations engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of PPE;
  • Necessity to develop mutually beneficial cooperation between organizations in matters of raw materials and material support for the design and production of PPE.

The main objectives of ASIZ:

  • Coordination of business activities of the members of the Association, as well as the representation and protection of their rights;
  • Settlement of disputes and conflicts;
  • Interaction of the Association and its members, consumers of the goods, works and services produced by them, federal executive bodies, executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments;
  • Assistance in strengthening the protective function of the state in the field of labor protection, maintaining the efficiency and health of employees;
  • Facilitating the implementation of state policy in the field of providing workers with personal protective equipment, including those employed who work in hazardous conditions;
  • Participation in the development of regulations and documents on social policy, entrepreneurship in terms of the creation, production and sale of PPE, making relevant proposals to the legislative and executive authorities;
  • Coordination of the activities of members of the Association engaged in the development, production and sale of PPE;
  • Promoting the development and improvement of production and business activities of the members of the Association;
  • Organization of the information support system for members of the Association;
  • Organizational, scientific, technical and legal support of members of the Association;
  • Assisting in establishing mutually beneficial contacts between members of the Association and other organizations;
  • Holding exhibitions, seminars, consultations on issues of labor protection of workers and PPE;
  • Interaction with government bodies, trade unions, controlling organizations on labor protection issues;
  • Attraction of voluntary contributions of Russian and foreign organizations and citizens in the form of monetary and material resources and grants, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The members of ASIZ as developers, manufacturers and suppliers of PPE are business entities – legal entities registered in the prescribed manner and carrying out entrepreneurial activities defined in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. They are to make an entrance fee and contribute annual membership fees, recognizing this Charter and complying with the provisions of this Charter and Memorandum of Association.

As of January 1, 2019 ASIZ consists of 89 organizations from 23 regions of the Russian Federation and CIS.

The administrative bodies of the Association are:

  • The General Assembly of Association members;
  • The Association Council;
  • The executive President;
  • The Review Board.

The General Assembly of Association is the supreme governing body of the Association, authorized to consider matters related to its activities under federal legislation and this Charter. The General Assembly of Association is to be convened at least once a year.

The Association Council is a permanent collegial governing body of the Association, which is elected for a term of 5 years. The Association Council is formed from the number of representatives of legal entities – members of the Association, as well as independent members who are not related to labor relations with the Association and its members and meet the requirements of federal legislation. Independent members must be at least one third of the members of the Association Council. For the implementation of the tasks facing the Association, the Council of 17 people was elected, which includes the heads of leading enterprises of the industry, trade and commercial organizations, industry institutions, representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, the Social Security Fund of the Russian Federation, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia. The President of the Association, three Vice-Presidents and the General Director are elected.

The Association President is the sole executive body of the Association.

The Association President is elected by the General Meeting of the Association for the term of office of the Association Council.

The specialized bodies of ASIZ, which are created by the Association Council, include:

  1. A supervisory committee that oversees whether members of the Association comply with the requirements of the standards and rules of the Association;
  2. The Disciplinary Commission for the Consideration of Cases on the Application of Disciplinary Measures against Members of the Association

Besides to the specified specialized bodies of the Association, decisions of the Association Council may provide for the creation on a temporary or permanent basis of other specialized bodies of the Association. Each specialized body created by the Association Council acts on the basis of the relevant provision approved by the Association Council. The specialized bodies of the Association perform their functions independently.