BIOT-online: the exhibition and events of the business program will be available to Internet audiences

The exhibition «Safety and Labor Protection» enters a new level of communication. The largest exhibition in Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS is available online to the entire professional community around the world.

The international forum, round tables, conferences, creative sessions, discussions and business games will be held on all days of the BIOT-2019 exhibition. Learn the latest news, see the latest news, become a member of discussions and workshops — can be done without leaving your workplace. This year, for the first time for 27 years, the events of the business program can be watched through an online broadcast.

All the most important points: speakers’ statements, expert opinions and heated discussions will be available to everyone on their smartphone or tablet. In order to stay up the loop with the events of the International Exhibition, preliminary registration to gain access to the online broadcast is required.

The organizers are sure that this option will allow many companies in the regions to solve the issue of informing their profile specialists about all industry trends in the most economical way.

 “We want as many people as possible to get relevant information on labor safety issues in real time straight from the source. According to ASIZ, at least 450 thousand people are employed in the field of labor protection in Russia. Of course, all of them will not be able to come to the exhibition, that’s why it was decided business program events to broadcast online. This will allow expanding the BIOT audience tenfold and, ultimately, having a positive impact on the safety culture in the country as a whole,” — said the President ASIZ  Vladimir Kotov.

All days of the exhibition, a special Internet platform will broadcast from 10 forum lectures. Each lecture hall will have a professional film crew. The Internet audience will have access to the online broadcast during all the time of the forum, and they will be able to choose the most interesting event to join.

Thanks to the BIOT-2019 online broadcast, everyone can an opportunity to learn the latest achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers, see the latest PPE, hear about 100 reports, participate in discussions and workshops, get practical tools for introducing a corporate safety culture, ask questions to the first persons.

By setting up Internet broadcasting from the forum sites, the organizers of BIOT-2019 solve several global problems at once.

Firstly, audience increases many times. The capacity of the lecture halls, plenary room and exhibition, despite its impressive size (15,000 square meters — only the exhibition area), is still limited. Thus, online broadcasts open access to events for everyone interested in ensuring and creating safe working conditions.

Во-вторых, онлайн-трансляции «БИОТ-2019» — это удобно. Узнать последние новости в сфере безопасности труда, можно не покидая своего рабочего места, в любой точке страны, где есть доступ в интернет. Это значит, что информация, проблематика и ключевые заявления, прозвучавшие на полях форума, может услышать каждый участник сферы промышленной безопасности и охраны труда во всем мире.

Secondly, the online BIOT-2019 broadcast is convenient. You can find out the latest news in the field of labor safety without leaving your workplace, anywhere in the country where Internet access is available. This means that the information, issues and key statements made on the margins of the forum can be heard by every participant in the field of industrial safety and labor protection worldwide.

Thirdly, considering the richness of the program, tight timing of events and a large audience, it is going to address your question through online access easier and to get a response via a moderated online chat than live on the forum venues.

Also, online access users will be able to get a registered certificate of participation in BIOT-2019.

In other words, an online broadcast is an opportunity to be at all the platforms of the forum at the same time, not to miss a single important event and to be able to feedback from speakers as well.

Having access to the BIOT-2019 online broadcast, everyone will see the work of the exhibition pavilions, get acquainted with the latest PPE. The BIOT-2019 exposition will be broadcast in video-cut format while business program breaks.

To use the service and virtually join the exhibition, just follow the link and get access to the online broadcast!