The works of the winners of the contest “Smart PPE for the respiratory system” will be shown at BIOT-2019 exhibition

On December 13, 2019, at BIOT exhibition, the winners of the innovation contest “Smart PPE for the respiratory system” will be announced and final projects will be demonstrated.

How to create a respirator using polymer nanofibres? What are the features of the respiratory protection for residents of a metropolis? Which materials effectively absorb hazardous gases? All this information you can find not in the multi-volume works of scientists, but in the projects of the finalists of the contest “Smart PPE for the respiratory system” that is organized by ASIZ.

The contest started on April 1 of this year. For a bit more than a month, participants prepared presentations of their projects and presented them at the first Youth Readings named after N. D. Zelinsky. The competitors speakings took place in the Large Chemical Auditorium of the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute, where Dmitry Mendeleev lectured. After afterwards the finalists were identified.

The contest participants had to not only set forth their ideas on paper and scientifically substantiate their work, but also find a company where the project will be tested and implemented. Thus, all works have high chances for implementation and application in real production. Respiratorniy Kompleks LLC, Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky, Roshimzaschita SC, Tambov State Technical University (TSTU) and Suksun Optical and Mechanical Plant ROSOMZ were selected as pilot sites.

The final stage is ongoing, after which on November 1, 2019, the commission will begin the examination of seven final works and select the winners. The main selection criterion will be the relevance and innovation of the development, the potential demand for it at the market.

“It is very important to hold such contests,” says Vladimir Astakhov, General Manager of Respiratorniy Kompleks LLC, member of the organizing committee of the contest. — They offer orientations for the youth, give them the opportunity to realize their creative abilities at the basic local enterprises. The contest solves a lot of problems. It makes it possible to develop such a product that will be used not only in production, but also in everyday life. In Russia there are many allergy sufferers from pollen, the flu epidemic season is approaching — people need comfortable protective equipment which is nice to wear for both the elderly and young people.”

Among the final works, which will be presented at BIOT exhibition, is an antibacterial filter respirator based on polymer nanofibers that can be used repeatedly. Also, one of the final works is the lightweight filter respirator. It will reduce the impact of negative factors caused by emergencies in the environmental situation. A new regenerative material, which increases the operational characteristics of the smoke protection hood, is proposed. Absorbers and lightweight respirators based on them have been created to protect against the gaseous component of the welding aerosol. The exhibition will also show PPE of the respiratory system for electric welders for working in the cold, in which a special energy source heats the inhaled air.

Of particular interest are the projects that assist in the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment. After all, it is these conditions that ultimately ensure the effectiveness of the PPE for the respiratory system. Participants of the contest in this nomination proposed programs for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the use of PPE for the respiratory system, as well as mobile simulators using virtual reality.
In total, six nominations were selected:

 1. Filtering respirators;

2. Self-rescuers, gas masks;

3. Breathing apparatus and devices;

4. The PPE for the respiratory system based on sorbents, catalysts, filtering, composite materials;

5. Methods, mobile applications for the selection of the PPE for the respiratory system and training in their use;

6. Design solutions for various fields of application of the PPE for the respiratory system.

“The demand of the Russian market for modern and innovative PPE is high today. It is due to the changes that are occurring now in the entire field of labor protection. The approach to management is radically changing from reactive to preventive and increasing the prevention of injuries. This requires new PPE, new materials and a new level for their production,” says Vladimir Kotov, ASIZ President. — The contest allows to accelerate the transfer of innovation from idea to implementation. Thanks to the contest, the youth can make themselves known, and manufacturers, on the sites of which the projects are being tested, will be able to find young talented specialists for themselves.”

The contest «Smart PPE for the respiratory system» is held for the first time. But already now it can be said that it has «taken place» and will continue to develop. The next competition in 2020 the organizers intend to devote to the 160th anniversary of the outstanding scientist, inventor of the first gas mask Nikolai Zelinsky. The winners of this year will be announced on December 13 at the Youth Conference as part of BIOT-2019 exhibition. All of them will be awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.