ASIZ and KIOUT (the Institute of Working Conditions of Kiln) will collaborate to enhance safety culture and training in the PPE using.

Last week there was a business meeting between President of ASIZ Vladimir Kotov and The General Manager of KIOUT Andrei Moskvichev. The parties discussed possible forms and areas of cooperation in promoting a culture of safe work among workers and the proper use of PPE.

At the meeting they talked about comprehensive support for the idea of holding an all-Russian journalists’ competition, who writes about labor protection. ASIZ is to be an organizer, and KIOUT is ready to provide an expert and informational support. It is already known that the idea of the competition is supported by the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation.

“It is necessary to attract public attention and strengthen the focus on labor protection in the workplace and the use of PPE,” said Vladimir Kotov. “Any informational activity in this direction and joint coordination will contribute to improving security.” Andrei Moskvichev noted that “the competition will contribute to a more professional approach of journalists to coverage of labor protection issues: it is important not to seek sensations, but to talk calmly and thoughtfully about important aspects of preserving the life and health of workers.”

During the conversation, the parties also agreed to continue efforts in training the proper use of PPE. Now KIOUT is actively working on the creation of new formats and sample instructions for labor protection. The new approach is based on the results of a risk assessment. The instruction does not contain multi-page prohibitions and rules, but it has clear information on methods and ways for the safely work performance with the risks identified and the correct use of PPE.

“If PPE are employed incorrectly, this equal to the fact that they are not used at all, which means that the employee is not protected. In PPE implementation it is important, — said Andrey Moskvichev. — It is not enough to issue PPE, it is necessary to create a training infrastructure for them, from the brochure till the briefing, and you must be able to explain correctly and clearly. So far, few employers are willing to invest in training in the proper use of PPE, to do this for the safety of workers.”

Vladimir Kotov supported his colleague and noted that ASIZ is actively working in this direction and sets itself a goal of further popularizing the correct PPE using. “Our task is to promote a safety culture as a way of life. This is a serious paramount noble mission to preserve human life and improve its quality. Such a lifestyle must be inculcated from early childhood, to train people to see and feel the risks not only at work but everywhere, to be able to protect their life and health, including through the correct PPE using. But the employee must also take an active position and require clear instructions from the employer on the use of PPE.”

The parties agreed to help and support each other in these problems solving, to provide expert and advisory assistance, to exchange effective training practices.

The exchange of practical real-life experience in the field of PPE is another aspect of further cooperation of KIOUT and ASIZ. A new discussion platform, the club of labor protection specialists, recently created on the initiative of Moskvichev, is perfect for this. In a live communication format, business representatives, heads of labor protection and industrial safety have the opportunity to present their unique practical experience, best practices and projects.

The subject of incoming controls for PPE as a part of the fight against counterfeiting may become the topic of one of such meetings. “We plan to cooperate with large enterprises to share practical experience on how to carry out incoming control,” says Vladimir Kotov. “Manufacturers who have complete information about their products are interested in having these products evaluated equally, on the other hand, consumer feedback is important.”