The Rights and Obligations of Members of the Association

The members of the Association have the right:

— to participate in the work of General Assemblies of members of the Association, in the activity of the Association and its departments;
— to participate in elections, and to be elected to the administrative bodies of the Association;
— to appeal to the administrative bodies of the Association on issues of interest to the Association as a whole, or to independent members, including on issues of the protection of members legal rights and interests;
— to request from the administrative bodies of the Association, information on the implementation status of resolutions of the General Assembly of the Association, and members proposals;
— to submit new proposals on issues of implementing the objectives of the Association;
— to receive from the Association information, consultations, legal and policy advice and other assistance;
— to benefit from discounts, concessions and services, established for members of the Association by the General Assembly;
— to receive with higher priority products, goods and services manufactured by members of the Association;
— to receive, in case of liquidation of the Association, part of its property, remaining after settlement with creditors, to the extent of that members property initiation fee;
— freely leave the Association, given written notification one month prior to doing so.

The members of the Association must:
— observe the requirements of the Association Charter, and the resolutions of its administrative bodies;
— facilitate the implementation of the Charter goals and objectives of the Association;
— maintain commercial secrecy on issues related to the activities of the Association, not divulge commercial information which they receive during the course of work in the Association;
— pay fees to the Association in full and on time, according to the manner, volume and schedule established in the articles of association and the resolutions of the administrative bodies of the Association.
The volume of initiation and annual fees is determined by a General Assembly of members of the Association, and the volume of earmarked fees is determined by the Association Council, in agreement with the members of the Association paying these fees.
The initiation fee is to be paid by each Association member within 15 days from acceptance into the Association.
The annual fee can be paid at members will – share and share alike monthly (quarterly, half-yearly, annually), for new members of the Association, simultaneously with payment of the initiation fee.
The earmarked fee is a voluntary contribution by members of the Association, to be used to finance specific programs, approved by the Association Council in consultation with interested members. The volume and schedule for paying earmarked fees is established by resolution of the Association Council.

Any member of the Association who systematically fails to fulfill or improperly fulfills his obligations, or who has violated the obligations he has assumed with regard to the Association, or who has prevented the normal functioning of the Association by virtue of his actions or inactions, may be excluded from the Association by resolution of the General Assembly, on the basis of a proposal by the Association Council.