The Procedure for Acceptance to, and Withdrawal from, the Association

The Association is open for the initiation of new members.

Members of the Association may be legal entities or public organizations, which have accepted the Charter and are capable of making a contribution to the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Association.

The acceptance of a new member into the Association is conducted by the Association Council, based on an application addressed to the President of the Association and personal report of organization– candidate director at board meeting.

A candidate is considered to have been accepted to the body of Association members after that new member has paid the initiation fee.

The rights of a member of the Association may not be transferred to third parties.

Withdrawal from membership in the Association is executed by any member by submitting written notification. No later than three months after submission of such an application, the Association must:
— determine a schedule for the return of property, transferred to it by the given member of the Association, for temporary use;
— determine the volume and schedule for return, by the Association member, of property acquired by that member using the funds of the Association, or located in the members possession for temporary use;
— settle financial and credit accounts with the departing member, according to agreements concluded with the Association;
— determine the procedure for execution by the member, of obligations assumed previously with regard to other members of the Association and the Association itself;
— after the above issues are resolved, a resolution is approved at the next General Assembly of members of the Association, regarding the exclusion of the applicant from the body of Association members.

The initiation fee and annual fee of the departing Association member are non-refundable.
The portion of the earmarked fee which has not been expended on implementing the corresponding special program is returned.

The departing Association member bears subsidiary responsibility with respect to his obligations to the Association, in proportion to his contribution, for the period of two years following the day of withdrawal of membership.