Reorganization and Liquidation of the Association

Reorganization of the Association is conducted in the manner stipulated by legislation of the Russian Federation. Reorganization may be conducted in the form of a merger, union, division, separation or restructuring.

The activity of the Association may be terminated:

  • by resolution of the General Assembly, passed by a special majority of at least two thirds of the Association members present at the General Assembly;

  • by court ruling;

  • in other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Association management or body passing a resolution to liquidate, appoints a liquidation committee and establishes the procedure and schedule for liquidation, in agreement with the agency responsible for state registration.

From the moment that the liquidation committee is appointed, it inherits the authorities to manage the affairs of the Association.

After completion of settlements with creditors, the liquidation committee compiles a liquidation balance, which is approved by the General Assembly of Association members, or by the body which passed the resolution to liquidate.

The property remaining after satisfaction of the demands of creditors, or its equivalent value, is to be distributed between the members of the Association, within the limits of the initiation fee. The remaining part of the property, the value of which exceeds the volume of the fees of Association members, is spent on the goals, in the interests of which the Association was created, and (or) for charitable purposes.

When the activities of the Association are terminated all documents (managerial, financial, human resources, etc.) are transferred in compliance with the established rules, to the successor.

In the absence of a successor, permanent-storage documents with research or historical value are transferred for state storage in archives, and personnel documents are transferred for storage in archives in the territory where the Association conducted its activities. The transfer and ordering of documents is conducted by the efforts, and at the expense, of the Association, in compliance with the requirements of the archive agencies.