Accounting and static bookkeeping is conducted by the Association independently, in compliance with current legislation in the Russian Federation, or by an audit company, based on a contract with the Association. 

The Association presents information about its activity to agencies of state statistics and tax agencies, members of the Association and other parties, in compliance with current legislation and this Charter. 

Control of financial and economic activity by the Association is conducted by a Review Board. The Review Board is elected by the General Assembly from the body of Association members, to include a Chairman and two committee members, for a term of 4 (four) years. 

In its activity, the Review Board will be governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Statute on the Review Board, approved by the Association Council. 

Members of the Association Council and regular staff of the executive agency may not be members of the Review Board. 

The annual report of the Association, including a conclusion by the Review Board, is presented for preliminary consideration by the Association Council, sessions of which are conducted on this issue no later than three months after the conclusion of the financial year. 

The General Assembly does not have the right to approve the bookkeeping balance sheet without the conclusion of the Review Board.