BIOT — 2016



● Garment, textile and shoes producers;

● Producers of personal and collective  protective equipment, measurement instruments, fire-prevention and fire-fighting equipment and accessories for the production of PPE;

● Organizations and companies involved into creation of modern safe equipment and technologies, into occupational medicine and hygiene and prevention from  occupational accidents and diseases;

● Scientific-research and trading organizations;

● State bodies and organizations for the demonstration of achievements in the safety and labour protection management

The Exhibition will be interesting for the representatives of foreign companies and organisations working in Russia, Russian companies directors and managers, safety specialists from federal and regional level authorities, labour protection centers, scientific-research institutions, trade union leaders, PPE supply services, as well as PPE end users.

All categories of visitors will have an opportunity to know more about the current achievements of both, national and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of PPE .

More than 7000 exhibits will be displayed, that gives very good possibilities to managers to select necessary types of PPE for effective protection of workers from dangerous and harmful factors at work, as well as to receive advices and consultations on the use of PPE and on relevant international and national norms and regulations.

The exhibition of 2013 is organised with the support from the European Safety Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Union of Consumer Market Participants, the Coordination Council of Entrepreneurs Unions of Russia and the All-Russia Research Institute for Occupational Safety and Labour Economics.


● State management of labour protection. State expertise of working conditions. Safety attestation of work places. Organisation of labour protection activities in different brunches of economy and regions of Russian Federation. Work place organisation for different professions. Labour protection training.
● Production and trading of PPE:
– special safety clothing ;

– fabrics and materials for special clothing;
– special safety shoes;
– means for protection of head, face, eyes, hands, breathing and hearing;
— means for protection for work at height, including safety belts.
● Means for collective protection.
● Control and measurement equipment.

● Safe technique and technology.

● Technical and fire safety.

● Hygienic service.

● Scientific-research achievements in labour protection.

● Occupational medicine and hygiene.

● Rehabilitation means.

● Norms, methodological and training publications, means for labour protection propaganda.

● Accessories for PPE production.

● Cutting equipment for garment industry.

● Equipment for placing of logotypes, washing and cleaning of garments.


● International Conference on labour protection problems (theme to be announced later on).

● Theoretical and practical conference, seminars, round tables on the problems of design, manufacture and supply of PPE to workers.

● Labour protection films competition.

● Marathon of exhibitors to demonstrate modern models of garments and PPE.

● Professional competition to identify the best garments and PPE.

● Presentations of companies and show of the best models of PPE.