PRESS-RELEASE BIOT-2020 16.11.2020

Online platform of the International Specialized Exhibition “Safety and Labor protection “BIOT-2020”  started its work. Since now, all BIOT participants will be able to use convenient navigation to create virtual expositions. From December 1, after the opening of the exhibition for visitors, it will be possible to draw up a schedule of meetings with partners and clients.

In the nearest future, a detailed schedule of the Forum’s business program will become available. It starts on December 8 at the site of the RBC media holding. The opening conference will be entirely devoted to labor and safety issues during the spread of Covid-19.

According to the President ASIZ Vladimir Kotov, the most authoritative speakers, including representatives of government, business, international and Russian experts, will  announce the main figures and indicators of the PPE industry, outline the problems that need to be overcome by joint efforts of the state, entrepreneurs and society.

Also, focus attention will be paid to the practical issues of labor protection at enterprises in emergency situations like:

  -problems in the management of industrial safety in a pandemic,

— the practice of introducing additional security requirements in companies,

— compliance with legal requirements in a pandemic,

— implementation of measures for industrial safety and labor protection while restrictions,

— health protection in public institutions and at enterprises.

An active participant in the upcoming Forum, the Head of the European Safety Federation Henk Vanhutte, notes that in addition to the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic, traditional issues of occupational safety remain relevant and are to be wide discussed in the professional environment on the unique BIOT-2020 platform. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the loss of the world economy associated with work in harmful production conditions and loss of working capacity by workers as a result of occupational diseases and accidents annually amount to more than $ 2.6 trillion, or 3.9% of world GDP. Similar Russian losses are estimated at 1.0 trillion rubles (data from All-Russia Research Institute of Labor).

The most interesting and acute topic will be the introduction of remote medical monitoring of an employee’s occupational risk.

The business program schedule is designed for three days December 8 — 10. Sessions, panels, conferences, seminars and master classes will be held in a tight timeline simultaneously in three virtual rooms.

The geography of speakers and participants of the BIOT-2020 Forum unites the whole world.