“PPE — new challenges in the new world” — post-release

The international online conference on PPE usage, standardization and conformity assessment “PPE — new challenges in the new world” was held on June 25 and 26 in the online format

In the current difficult epidemiological situation in the country, a number of urgent questions have accumulated on simplifying and accelerating the processes of providing Russia with high-quality and affordable personal protective equipment (PPE). The international conference «PPE — New Challenges in the New World» is an event that brought together more than 20 security industry experts to discuss and develop mechanisms to effectively deal with pandemic threats in order to minimize future economic, production and human losses. The event is the first part of the business program of the 24th Specialized International Exhibition «Safety and Labor Protection» (BIOT-2020), which will be held from December 8 to 11 in Moscow.

The program of the conference consisted of four blocks. Speaking with a welcoming speech, the organizer of the conference, ASIZ President Vladimir I.Kotov, said that “last months, the Ministry of Labor, other federal executive bodies and ASIZ have received a huge number of questions about the rules of PPE application and usage, how to distinguish real PPE from a substitute, what documents confirm the quality of PPE, what changes in the legislation are expected in the nearest future and how the certification system is organized in modern conditions. Therefore, we, together with the Ministry of Labor of Russia, in preparation for the Specialized international exhibition BIOT 2020 decided to hold a conference with the participation of the most famous professionals, both Russian and foreign.»

The participants in the first block compared the experience of Europe and Russia in the field of conformity assessment. Professor Karl-Heinz Noetel, President of the construction section of the International Social Security Association, spoke about the authorized certification bodies in Europe, the transition to the new PPE regulations and the associated problems. At the end of his speech, he drew attention to suspicious certificates on the European PPE market, some of them are false, and some are useless, confirming nothing. Henk Vanhoutte, Secretary General of the European Safety Federation, devoted his report to the main steps in assessing the compliance of PPE with EU requirements, and Claudio Galbiati, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Standardization of PPE in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, 3M’s experience in certification and placement of PPE in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The second block dealt with the main stages of the conformity confirmation procedure and ways to prevent unsafe, low-quality PPE from entering the market.

The second day of the event was devoted to standardization, practical application of PPE and a risk-based approach. The speakers of the third block devoted their speeches to the effective use of tools and new opportunities for updating technical regulations and national standards. Georgy V. Molebnov, Director of the Department of Conditions and Labor Protection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, presented in his presentation a promising model of regulation in the field of labor protection. Its goals are to simultaneously reduce injuries and the regulatory burden on the employer. In 2021, 48 rules on labor protection will take effect instead of 113 ones, and within the framework of the regulatory guillotine in the field of labor protection, instead of 1091 regulatory acts (NLAs), it is planned to adopt only 73 ones, which reduces the total number of NLAs by 93.3%.

The fourth and final block of the conference was devoted to the issues of control and supervision in the labor sphere and modern practice of using PPE. Yegor Ivanov, Head of the Department of State Supervision in the Sphere of Labor of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment (Rostrud), spoke in his speech about the issues of control and supervision in the labor sphere: what should business pay attention to during a pandemic, and Igor G. Baranovsky, Head of the Department of Professional Risk Insurance of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation , on the basic mechanisms for managing the working conditions of workers.

The online broadcast of the conference was watched by more than 6 thousand people. The organizers of “PPE — new challenges in the new world” were the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and ASIZ. The event was supported by the Federal Service for Labor and Employment (Rostrud) and the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).