Attention to supervisory control!
(part 2)

What is supervisory control?!

Not every certificate holder knows that after the certificate issuing, they have to prove the product’s quality withing the validity term, including supervisory control of the certificate issuing body.

Supervisory control (SC) – is a mandatory procedure specified with the certification schemes for serial production.

The frequency and SC-procedure are regulated by the Decision of the EEC Council dated 18.04.2018 N 44 “On Typical Conformity Assessment Schemes” and Russian National Standard (GOST) 31815 — 2012 “PROCEDURE OF SUPERVISORY CONTROL IN CERTIFICATION PROCEDURES”.

Inspections can be scheduled and unscheduled

  1. Scheduled supervisory control is carried out in accordance with the established frequency (in most cases, the periodicity of scheduled inspections is established at least once a year) in accordance with the schedule of the Certification Body. Thus, the Certification body must to plan and arrange SC before the end of each year of the certificate validity, in order to establish the products continue to meet the requirements confirmed while certification to prove the legality of issuing the certificate of conformity.
  2. Unscheduled supervisory control is carried upon Certification body decision in cases of disregard of requirements for manufactured products, which cause necessity of supervisory control before the scheduled one.

Grounds for the SC is an Addendum to the Certification agreement.

When conducting an SC, the body develops a plan for its implementation, depending on the certification scheme, and, based on the results, issues a pronouncement, drawing up the Act of Supervisory Control.

If any inconsistencies are revealed during the SC, the certificate holder receives an order to eliminate them, otherwise the Certification body will revoke the certificate and inform the Supervisory authorities about this.


Attention! According to the Decree of the Government of RF dated September 21, 2019 No. 1236, in case of the activity termination, the Certification body must revoke the issued certificates for a series or transfer the authority to arrange the SC to another accredited person.