Attention to supervisory control!
(part 1)

Today, the procedure of supervisory control (SC) is extremely important for both the authority and the applicant.

As part of tightening control over the  quality of products entering the market of the Customs Union and the activities of accredited parties control, the Federal Accreditation Service delegated to the Federal Customs Service (FCS) powers to monitor compliance with the requirements of the legislation regarding the passage by applicants of supervisory control. The FCS has the right to request – as the evidence from the practice shows — the Certificate of Supervisory Control from the holder of the Certificate or from the issuing authority and initiate its suspension in case of its absence.

Recently, a new option has appeared in the certificate registry: if there is no information about conducting supervisory control upon a certificate before the expiration of the next year from the moment of its registration, a marker appears next to the number of a such certificate — a “brick” icon, which greatly simplifies the visual identification of documents with expired documents SC.

In order not to face a situation when the cargo is at customs, and the certificate is stopped or canceled, the applicant must keep under control the procedure of the supervisory control upon the certificate himself and independently apply to the issuing authority for the planned SC.