ASIZ helps doctors

Several Russian hospitals got 3,000 insulating suits as a donation from one of ASIZ affiliates at a minimum price of 1 ₽ in accordance with tax laws. These are very high-quality overalls that will provide reliable biological and chemical protection for doctors.

It’s right on time, because at that moment their PPE are almost over.

Yes, it’s a little across the country and the current demand, but it’s very important because we understand that, first of all, it is necessary to provide protection for those who are right up to the virus.

Doctors, emergency services, etc., must be protected. In such situation when PPE for respiratory system becomes a deficit, we ask all to avoid contact with people, stay at home and thereby protect themselves. If you are not in contact with anyone, then the risk of getting infected is reduced, which means you don’t need to use PPE, and then they will most likely be given to those who really need it. They will go to those who should and continue to work — to work for you.