ASIZ – Why do you need it?

The Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (ASIZ) is experiencing a rebirth. At the end of last year its president was reelected, the team is gradually being updated. Internal, deeper changes are related to the role played by ASIZ. The Association is making efforts to influence the decisions that determine the situation on the PPE market as much as possible and it seems to work. The indicator is the number of companies which increased from 81 to 105. Among the newcomers are “Spetsposhuv”, Institute of Labor Protection and Working Conditions, Klin, “Spetskomplekt-SZ”, “Delta Plus”, “Arsenal”, the analytical center “Labor Technologies” and the National Society of Labor Auditors (NPO “NOATS”).

 There are two directions of such policy: the more credibility an organization has, the more companies want to join it. So, the Russian branch of the Finnish company “Lindstrom”, specializing in rental of workwear, is seriously thinking about membership in ASIZ. According to the General Manager of the company Nikolai Stotyka, “Lindstrom” wants to participate in the development of regulations regarding the rental of work clothing along with other major players. The association plans are to unite the entire market. President ASIZ Vladimir Kotov intends to “recruit” newcomers from a business position. “Businessmen always think why they need it,” he says. So, what are the benefits of being an ASIZ member? We answer point by point.

1. The opportunity to participate in the regulations’ development. Individual companies are poorly able to influence government decisions. But the industrial unions are able. ASIZ provides an opportunity to participate in the creation of national and supranational standards. A recent example is a change in the technical regulation of the Customs Union “On the safety of PPE” (ТР ТС 019/2011). The first set of changes, which lasted four years, took effect at the end of November. The association completed work on the second set in August. The final document includes 46 pages versus 18 proposed by the Ministry of Labor. ASIZ defended its point of view, since the regulations adopted seven years ago include several serious errors and inaccuracies. In consequence with Russian standards, in the next three years, the organization plans to improve 46 labor protection rules for various works, including in confined spaces.

The Association initiated an extension of the validity of the production of products confirming on the territory of the RF from one year to five. ASIZ expects the new order to take effect next year.

2. Access to the ASIZ data base. First of all, we mean the developments of market leaders. For example, take the most relevant topic today — labeling. ASIZ members can take advantage of the experience of participating in the pilot project for marking safety shoes “Technoavia”, “Vostok-Service”, “Paris Commune” and “Moderama”. According the words of  Andrei POPOV, the General Manager of “Technoavia”, “such meetings allow many companies to communicate with more experienced colleagues in person, if they are members of ASIZ or not”, — of course, there are many problems and not only with the receipt of digital codes. Also, there are some difficulties with the electronic document management, due to the fact that in some northern regions there is no Internet. Acquaintance with ready-made solutions to the pillars of the market gives the opportunity for more modest companies to save time and money. The active participation of ASIZ in working groups for marking safety shoes made it possible to introduce about 20 fundamentally important changes into the regulations regarding the specifics of production and trade in safety shoes.

3. Participation in ASIZ events, both free and paid. The free events are financed either by the Association or its partners (the federal and regional authorities). These are local meetings, conferences and exhibitions. For events organized by ASIZ, its members receive discounts. Sometimes the amount exceeds membership fees, a sort of cashback. First of all, it concerns the exhibition «BIOT» where the discount is 20%. ASIZ also organizes a Russian stand at the largest industry exhibition A + A in Dusseldorf and other international shows. Here the discount is determined separately in each case. In addition, there are also ASIZ conferences where manufacturers and suppliers of PPE can communicate with representatives of consumer enterprises. This is a great opportunity for merchants to expand their business horizons.

4. Involvement of employees in the market formation. According to the Development Manager of Yevgeny Shuvalov, this moment should not be underestimated. Today, ASIZ has 11 working groups, each of them includes up to 50 company representatives. “People are involved in something big and serious. They solve some things, participate in the discussion of problems,” the expert says. Apart from managers and owners, it is also necessary for employees to aware that they are doing something for the market and for people. This is a very important feeling.” This is confirmed by the head of the project groups of ASIZ Vadim Sarkisov. According to him, it is surprising that no conflicts in the working groups arise, although at the table there are sometimes companies that are strictly competing in the market. People find a common language and come to decisions that suit everyone.

5. The formation of the future market. The world has entered the era of digital technology, and security features do not stand aside. Gloves and hard hats of the future must meet new approaches. But what is “innovative PPE”? What criteria determine innovativeness? There are no answers yet. In an interview with, the Director of the Department of labor protection at the Ministry of Labor, Valery Korzh, said that the purchase of smart PPE could fall under the compensation program from the Social Insurance Fund. But only in case of certain clearly definition. Now there is a discussion of this issue and ASIZ is taking part in it. Shaping the future of the PPE market is possible only through discussion with all interested parties — developers and manufacturers of PPE, distributors, research institutes and testing centers.

President ASIZ Vladimir Kotov:

“The PPE market should be formed by its participants — consumers and manufacturers. Nobody but us will do this. The opinion of individual companies for government agencies is not credibility. The state is ready to take into account the consolidated position without entering into discussion with individual enterprises. ASIZ is the only professional community on the market that has the absolute expertise that forms and reform this market. We are ready to work with each participant and develop a common opinion. We know how to do it and we do it!”