Russia was represented by ASIZ at the A + A exhibition

The largest world forum dedicated to the safety of a working person (Düsseldorf, Germany) is over.

Over 2,000 exhibitors, 78,000 square meters of exhibition space and more than 73,000 visitors from 137 countries. The International Exhibition “A + A” and the Congress on Labor Protection and Occupational Medicine held within its framework eventuated with record results.

This year, the exhibition was visited by experts from 63 countries. The delegation from Russia was traditionally organized by ASIZ Association. According to Vladimir Kotov, President ASIZ, increased focus on the Russian collective stand has been much noticed.

 “We are very pleased to note that ASIZ are a serious part of this mechanism. And it is no coincidence that our stand was the only one that was opened with the participation of the Secretary General of the European Safety Federation, Director Messe Duesseldorf and other European officials. By the way, the stand is being growing year by year. This year our indicators are – 375 sq. m, 11 Russian exhibitors,” said Vladimir Kotov.

The increased interest in Russian manufacturers and technologies is simply explained — said Kotov. Today, the Russian market is the fastest growing one in Europe. Domestic manufacturers and business representatives from different countries are interested in new contacts and discussion of further cooperation as well.

According to the representatives of the Russian delegation, at the “A + A” exhibition they noticed a great interest in the safety and health of working people. This is evidenced by the composition of the participants (the share of international exhibitors is more than 70%), and audience coverage, and topics that the organizers of the Congress discussed within the events.

Special attention was given to the exhibition devoted to the organization and solution of issues of ensuring and implementing a safety culture in European countries and solutions in the field of automation and ergonomics of workplaces. The exhibitors presented many innovative PPE, the latest security technology using sensors that allow you to assess the workload.

In turn, for the Russian delegation, the days of the “A + A” exhibition were held in a very busy schedule, in constant contact with colleagues from all over the world. According to the President ASIZ, Vladimir Kotov, «the nascent cooperation will bear fruit first of all, for the development of our market.» “As ASIZ is a recognized leader in The Labor protection events organizing in Russia, we have received invitations and offers from the same companies in Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Japan, London, Canada, and Istanbul. Everyone is interested to see us among their partners, exhibitors. In turn, quite a lot of interest was in the BIOT exhibition. We, within “A + A”, have contacted more than 700 organizations. Our team worked these days in an extremely intense rhythm. And I’m sure that we will see the fruits of these contacts at the next exhibition in 2020. And this is quite a serious backlog,” said the President ASIZ.Today the prospect of involving key market players and world experts in the dialogue at the BIOT forum, thanks to new contacts, is very real. Individual guests of the exhibition in Germany who are interested in cooperation with Russian companies will come to Moscow this year as guests of the International BIOT Forum. Official representatives of the “A + A” exhibition also confirmed that they would visit “BIOT-2019”. According to representatives of these major events, the projects have one common goal — to ensure safe working conditions for each working specialist.