The competition of scientific works for students and postgraduates continues

The Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (ASIZ), in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia, arranges a competition of works of young scientists. The event is held as part of the youth program at the International Specialized Exhibition «Safety and Labor Protection-2019» (BIOT-2019), which will be held in Moscow from December 11 – 13, 2019. 

The works of participants of the competition should relate to labor protection, industrial safety and environmental issues. The competition accepts research works of students and graduates, written individually or in collaboration with no more than three other participants of the competition. The projects will be evaluated in four categories:

·         improvement of working conditions at the enterprise;

·         professional risks management;

·         methods of reducing injuries at work;

·         prevention and response to ES.

The Provision of the Competition claims that it is aimed at “identifying the creative and intellectual potential of students and graduates, motivating their research activities in the field of labor protection and industrial safety, involving young people in the development of specific proposals for training and raising competencies of young professionals. ” More information about the provision and requirements can be found on the BIOT website.

The deadline for submitting works for the competition is from September 1 till October 25, 2019. Students of all forms of study and graduates under the age of 30 are welcome to participate. Participants who reach the final round will have to prepare a short report and presentation in the form of drawings, tables and formulas that maximally reflect the results of the study they have made. Winners of the competition in each nomination will be awarded with diplomas of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree and valuable gifts.

“I want to note that in this competition the number of awards is not limited. There can be more than one winner in each nomination. One of the elements of encouragement is the publication of winners works,” President ASIZ Vladimir Kotov shared with

According to him, the competition is interesting not only for students and graduates, but in many respects for the universities themselves, since the best works will be published in the collection of works included into the Russian Science Citation Index.

“Since we introduce them to the RSCI, this allows to gain citation. This helps universities to achieve KPIs, including those ones for which universities are rated. All winners of the contest are usually employed. And we, of course, will expand our work with youth. This is one of our priority areas. At the moment we have invited more than 30 universities to cooperate, where there are corresponding departments and relevant specialists are trained,” he said.

Vladimir Kotov added that the competition is being backed by ASIZ. In 2019 the geography of participants has significantly expanded.

“The Association does this at its own expense, because we want to reload the very attitude towards labor protection specialists, increase the prestige of this profession, and show its noble mission. To get away from a certain image of a grandmother or a retired grandfather who is involved in this. Labor protection is, first of all, human life. No wonder they say that all the rules on labor protection are written with blood. This, unfortunately, is the cruelest truth, people have died, and this should always be remembered. We are a small industry in the country’s economy, but, as they say, small but precious, because thanks to our efforts we provide security, we are the driving force, and in everyday work we do that we are proud of. I want people to talk about this, understand and join us,” President ASIZ emphasized.